Warning! Your drinking behaviors show you are on the road […]


It’s easy to get caught up in the military’s fast-paced […]

Find out how heavy drinking may be affecting your wallet, your health and your future.

What is your reason to drink responsibly? Let us know and find out what fellow Service members are saying!

Take five minutes to check in on your drinking habits and commit to drinking responsibly.

Find a variety of resources including Service-specific programs and mobile apps to help you drink responsibly.


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Reshape your drinking routine with these small, simple tips and add a whole lot of ‘wow’ to your life.


Find materials on drinking responsibly.


You or your organization can help Service members, their families […]


Own Your Limits, a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) program, […]

Thinking about your drinking behaviors? Find out if you need help for alcohol use.

Check out these 10 long-term effects of drinking. They might make you think twice about how you own your limits.

Check out these eight factors that can affect how quickly you start feeling buzzed, tipsy or drunk.

Try one or more of these quick tips next time you’re out to keep your night right where you want it.

To protect your career or even save a life, speak up about alcohol use concerns before they become a real issue.

Did you know that a night of drinking can give you more than a hangover? Here are a few ways to improve your health by cutting back on booze.

Drinking too much gets in the way of making magical holiday memories – and keeping them too. Don’t miss out because of alcohol.

If you think booze makes everything better, think again! Alcohol can really get in the way of some of your favorite activities.


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