If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line or call 911: 1-800-273-8255, press 1 or Text 838255

Thinking about your drinking behaviors? Find out if you need help for alcohol use.

Did you know that alcohol is involved in most sexual assaults? Know what you can do to keep yourself and others safe while enjoying a few beverages.

Alcohol use comes with risks. Risks to your health, to your relationships and one risk we don’t talk about as often: suicide.

Reshape your drinking routine with these small, simple tips and add a whole lot of ‘wow’ to your life.


Find materials on drinking responsibly.


Yikes, your current drinking behaviors may lead to dangerous or […]

Find a variety of resources including Service-specific programs and mobile apps to help you drink responsibly.

If you down too much alcohol and lose control or put yourself or others at risk, it may be time to think about your drinking.

If one of your friends or loved ones is having trouble with alcohol, your support can make a difference. Reaching out to a peer who is struggling is difficult, but it shows that you care.

Check out these 10 long-term effects of drinking. They might make you think twice about how you own your limits.

If you drink or spend time with buddies who drink, know the signs of alcohol poisoning to help keep yourself and others safe.

If you’re feeling bogged down after the holiday season, you’re not alone. Take a break from rich food and alcohol to allow yourself some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Did you know that a night of drinking can give you more than a hangover? Here are a few ways to improve your health by cutting back on booze.

Alcohol can feel like a good way to take the edge off, but there are more effective (and cheaper!) ways to relax after a long day.

Have you ever thought about taking a break from alcohol but haven’t made the leap? Let’s see what hitting pause on drinking really looks like.

Check out these ideas and tips on how to best support someone who is changing their drinking habits

Change is a natural part of military life. Learn about healthy ways to conquer the situation.

You know you need to eat healthy and exercise, but you may not know that too much alcohol can impact your weight.

You’ve probably heard some questionable truths about alcohol. Before you pour that drink on Friday night, know where you’re getting your info about alcohol.

Challenge yourself to drink responsibly when celebrating.

Who says you can’t wind down or celebrate success with a drink or two? Have fun, but just make sure you know how alcoholic drinks may affect you.

Talking to someone about an alcohol use concern can be hard, but you might be able to help your friend or loved one. Follow these Dos and Don’ts when talking to someone about alcohol use.

Learn about other non-military support options in your area, as well as online tools that can help you explore other support and treatment options.

Each Service policy allows you to self-refer or self-identify for potential alcohol misuse or abuse before an incident happens, so you can start getting help. Find more information about your branch’s policy.

Try one or more of these quick tips next time you’re out to keep your night right where you want it.

Everyone has different drinking limits – keep reading to find out what is or isn’t too much for you.

What is your reason to drink responsibly? Let us know and find out what fellow Service members are saying!

A drink or two might be all it takes to loosen up, but one too many might lead to you sharing more than you mean to.

To protect your career or even save a life, speak up about alcohol use concerns before they become a real issue.

The mission might make it hard for you to get enough good sleep. Don’t let alcohol make it even harder.

Don’t let alcohol fool you – find out how your body will thank you for cutting back on drinks.

Find out how mixing alcohol and tobacco is affecting you.


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If you think booze makes everything better, think again! Alcohol can really get in the way of some of your favorite activities.

Every beer or shot you buy means less hard-earned pay in your pocket or bank account. Figure out what you can buy when you cut back on booze.


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If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line or call 911: 1-800-273-8255, press 1 or Text 838255