Cost of a DUI

Have you woken up after a night out and said, “I still feel wasted”? Truth is, you might be. Remember, you can still get a DUI when there is alcohol in your system the next morning.

Have you ever spent way more money at the bar than you wanted to? 50 bucks… maybe even 100 bucks on shots for you and your buddies? Now imagine if that bill skyrocketed to more than $7,000. That’s the average cost of a DUI.

Don’t believe it? Check out this breakdown:

Bail: $1,000.00
Towing your car: $300.00
Court imposed fines: $1,400.00
Attorney fee: $2,500.00
Court costs: $800.00
DUI class: $650.00
Restitution fund: $500.00
License reinstatement: $125.00
Ignition interlock device: $325.00
In just the first six months

Not to mention your annual insurance rates will increase A LOT after receiving a DUI. Depending on your state, these rates vary. For example:

State Average Rate with a DUI Dollar increase

Then there’s the risk to your career…if you get a DUI, you can receive punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and receive decrease in pay, loss of rank, confinement and/or dismissal from the military. You may also lose your base driving privileges.

With ride-share apps in all the major cities and taxis or designated drivers in remote areas – there’s no reason to drive drunk. Protect your wallet, but most importantly your career, by staying safe if you choose to drink. Make sure both you and your buddies have a plan to get home safely before you start drinking.

State Average Rate Rate with a DUI Dollar Increase
California $1,783.00 $5,093.00 $3,310.00
Florida $2,250.00 $3,614.00 $1,364.00
Texas $1,644.00 $2,619.00 $975.00
Virginia $993.00 $1,619.00 $626.00