Safe Ways to Netflix and Chill the [Bleep] Out

Plenty of folks end the day every now and then with a cold beer or glass of wine. But drinking to relax after a long day of training or to take the edge off after a tough mission is not the same as real self-care. It can feel like a quick fix but drinking alcohol to relax can in fact increase stress and lead to other alcohol use issues. There are real (and less caloric) ways to relieve stress and improve your mood.

Try one or more of the following when you need to chill out.

  1. Less ‘noms’ and more ‘oms’. Meditation or breathing exercises can improve your focus and help you calm down. Search online for an audio meditation or try some of these exercises.
  2. Show us your flex. Yoga and other stretching exercises build strength and help you relax. Check to see if your base fitness center has classes or find a video online. Can I get a namaste?
  3. Go for some bubbly. A bubble bath that is. Ending a long day with a super soak or long shower can also soothe sore muscles. Pro tip – throw in some coconut oil or light up some candles for maximum ahhh.
  4. Let’s get physical. Whether you go for a solo walk or run, help spot a buddy at the gym or start a pickup ball game, moving is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood.
  5. Jam with your fam. Going out is lit, but spending quality time with a good friend or other loved one might be just the hangout you need to talk about anything that might be bothering you.
  6. Choose your own adventure. Get creative and find what helps you to decompress without alcohol. Just want to go for a drive? Try fishing with a friend? Or listen to your favorite music? Make time to zone out every now and then so you can recharge for the mission ahead.

Check out these additional relaxation techniques too and find the ones that are right for you. If you do find yourself drinking to cope with your feelings, visit our Get Help page for details about finding support.