Tips for Cutting Back

Do your wild Saturday nights out turn into sad, sluggish Sundays? Do you find yourself thinking ‘am I drinking too much or too often,’ but not saying it out loud to your buddies? If your nights out are negatively affecting your next day and you want more control over your decisions, it might be time to consider some small, simple changes. And before you run away because we said ‘change’ – surely some SMALL, SIMPLE changes still leave room for some fun too.

Kick Sunday Scaries to the Curb

New drinking routines could add a whole lot of ‘wow’ to your life. Reshape your drinking routine by trying one or more of the tips below. If one isn’t for you, come back and try another!

Set limits before you go out and stick to them

Keep alcohol out of your home

Learn how to say no to another drink

Drink slowly and on a full stomach

When you drink, have no more than one standard drink per hour

Make every other drink a nonalcoholic one

Find other fun things to do that don’t involve alcohol

Get support from family & friends – talking can help

Cope with stress in creative ways without alcohol

Stay active, eat healthy and avoid tobacco

Set alcohol free days

Once you cut back on alcohol and are at or below the recommended limit, check in with yourself regularly. It’s easy to slip back into old ways without knowing, so make sure you maintain these new changes. Get excited about doing something positive for current and future you – cut back and drink responsibly.

If you feel like your drinking habits are putting yourself or others at risk – please visit the Own Your Limits Get Help page for additional resources.