What to Buy Instead of Booze

Buy that new phone or gaming system when you save hundreds of dollars just by cutting back on alcohol.

Want some extra cash? We thought so.

A drink or two with friends is fun. But with every extra beer or shot you buy, that’s less hard-earned pay in your pocket or bank account. Even drinking occasionally can wind up costing you more than a grand a year. Stretch your dollars by reducing what you spend on alcohol. The extra cash can help you:

  1. Dig in to something delicious. Take a break from chow hall or DFAC cuisine and spend your savings on something tasty. It’s a lot easier to spring for the extra burger and shake when there’s less liquor taking a bite out of your paycheck. Bonus points for buying healthy snacks that can help you with your fitness or weight goals.
  2. Pay for your ride. Your car or truck isn’t going to pay for itself. Limit the extra beer and put those savings towards car payments and upkeep. Nothing sucks more than a clunker stuck on the side of the road.
  3. Try something new. With extra cash in your pocket, you can try out things like scuba diving, paragliding, fishing, skiing or front-row concert seats. Stop sinking your paycheck into more whiskey every week and start living life to the fullest.
  4. Keep in touch with your buddies back home. Phones, laptops and Wi-Fi are easier to afford when you cut back in other areas. Stop making excuses and choose the people that matter to you over an extra shot. If you happen to have a little cash left over, snag that new video game.
  5. Pay off your credit card debt. Bills can pile up faster than your instructor calling out a sloppy sit-up. Holding off on the extra rounds can help you pay off your credit card and stay out of debt. Be money-wise and don’t blow your cash on interest charges and penalty fees.

Check how much you’ll save when you buy less booze and start looking through some tips for cutting back.