3 Reasons to Speak Up About Alcohol Use Concerns

To protect your career or even save a life, speak up about alcohol use concerns before they become a real issue. Admitting you have a concern is tough and it might be a difficult conversation. But when you speak up for yourself and get the support you need, you can take control of the situation and keep yourself and those around you safe.

Seek help or support before a concern becomes a problem so that you can:

  • Avoid damaging your career. When you decided to join the military, you showed you know how to step up. Asking for help with your alcohol use concerns is another sign of your strength. Discuss your alcohol use concerns with a chaplain or other counselor before an alcohol-related incident/misconduct or DUI hits your record.
  • Keep your relationships with friends and family strong. If alcohol is impacting your personal life, tell someone. Perhaps you are spending money on alcohol when your family needs it, or your drinking is making it difficult for you to be there for your loved ones. Speak up early to stay close to those who mean the most to you.
  • Maintain readiness. The Department of Defense and your respective Service Branch have plenty of resources to keep you on-duty and mission ready. Are you too hungover to do your job? Are you using alcohol to manage stress? If alcohol is impacting your life in any way, ask for help.

Learn more about what it means to drink responsibly and how to find support for an alcohol use concern.