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Support Resources

If you think you’re alone in this, think again. You have lots of options to get support (including military and family life counselors, chaplains or healthcare providers) to address the challenges in your life that may cause you to drink. Choose the person you are most comfortable with to talk about what may cause you to use alcohol to cope with stuff such as a deployment or PCS, or the parts of your life that may be affected by alcohol use such as your family or work. Reaching out to talk to someone can help you understand your concerns and figure out next steps.

In addition to performing religious rites and services, chaplains are available for confidential counseling.

Visit your Military and Family Support Center to find a military and family life counselor who can provide confidential, non-medical counseling on situations where you might use alcohol to cope including.

Learn about other non-military support options in your area, as well as online tools that can help you explore other support and treatment options.

Military OneSource offers a wide range of support options, including confidential counseling.