About Us

Own Your Limits, a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) program, is an educational campaign for the U.S. military. The mission of the campaign is to help Service members learn how to drink responsibly, if they choose to drink alcohol. The site supports the DoD’s efforts to build and sustain a ready and resilient force by providing resources and information to Service members so they can serve honorably and drink responsibly. Resources are also available for professionals who educate, support or work with Service members. Contact us for more information about the program. Own Your Limits replaces the ‘That Guy’ DoD responsible drinking campaign.

We Support Service Members

Service members balance demanding jobs where maintaining mission readiness is key. For Service members who choose to drink, being able to set personal drinking limits based on risks of drinking too much and knowing how to ‘own their limits’ is important to maintaining mission readiness. Our goal is to give Service members the information and motivation they need to make responsible choices when drinking alcohol, which includes sticking to moderate and safe drinking limits.

We Support Friends and Family Members of Service Members

We provide friends, spouses, coworkers and family members with the information and resources they need to talk to their Service member about alcohol use concerns.

We Support Professionals and the Services

We’re here to support these professionals for each Service on their mission to educate Service members on the importance of drinking alcohol responsibly. Professionals include healthcare providers, those providing alcohol and drug prevention and education efforts at military commands world-wide, health educators and many others. We provide information and resources that complement existing programs to help promote responsible drinking and to support those who have concerns on alcohol use. We are here to help Service members ‘own their limits.’