Ever been frustrated with trying to count calories from alcohol or the number of standard drinks you’ve had? Well, you’re in luck. Try out these four calculators that do all the math for you! Now that you have the inside info, you’ll be able to make better decisions next time you go out for a drink.

Drink Size Calculator

Find out how many standard drinks are really in that ballpark cup that’s the size of your face!

BAC Calculator

Calculate your blood alcohol concentration (you know this as BAC) to be sure you’re staying within a safe limit.

Alcohol Calorie Calculator

Use this calculator to enter in your favorite drink and see how many calories it’s adding to your day.

Cocktail Content Calculator

Check out how many standards drinks are in that cocktail you love to order from the bar.

Alcohol Spending Calculator

Try out this quick and easy way to see how much of your paycheck is going to alcohol.