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What Does Responsible Drinking Mean to Me?

Everyone has different reasons to drink responsibly. Your reason for setting and owning your limits is personal to you. You may want to protect your career, look out for friends or prioritize family first. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience or seen someone else get into a sticky situation from alcohol use. Or maybe you’re the person that has never crossed your limit and want to keep it that way!

We asked your fellow Service members why they drink responsibly and they said:

  • No regrets. Ever wake up to texts from a buddy about what you did the night before and then it all comes flooding back? Yup… cue the day(s) of anxiety. Not embarrassing yourself and those around you is a solid reason to change your drinking habits.
    “I drink responsibly because I do not want to embarrass myself by doing something that I will regret the next day.” – Arthur, GA
  • Those extra pounds. Maintaining a healthy weight helps get that PT score you want and benefits your overall career. Maybe the empty calories from alcohol are just not in your health game plan. Don’t let your buddies tell you otherwise – crossing off alcohol from your diet plan or choosing low calorie drinks is a great reason to drink responsibly.
    “It means not consuming useless calories.” – Ashley, CA
  • Blacking out sucks. ‘Blacking’ or ‘browning’ out means you’ve had too much alcohol and may not be able to remember all the details from that time period. If you want to remember your first night off all month or your best friend’s wedding, that might be a motivator to drink responsibly.
    “I choose to drink responsibly because I’ve witnessed how too much alcohol affects a person’s mind.” – Wenchelson, FL
  • Enjoying the effect of a couple drinks but staying in control. Sometimes all you want is to take the edge off with a drink after a long day or week. It’s key to find that sweet spot between treating yourself, but not drinking too much.
    “I choose to drink responsibly because I would never want to harm myself or others – physically or emotionally. Alcohol makes you do crazy things.” Lauryn, OH

If you are exploring reasons and ways to drink responsibly, we have tips to help you cut back.

Whatever your unique reason may be – we want to know! Share why you choose to drink responsibly and we may add your reason to the following list.

What are your reasons to drink responsibly?

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line or call 911: 1-800-273-8255, press 1 or Text 838255