Post-Holidays: It’s Time for You

The holidays are an exciting time – full of giving, get-togethers, eating and drinking. But by the time January rolls around, everyone’s exhausted. If you’re feeling bogged down after the holiday season, you’re not alone. Take a break from rich food and alcohol to allow yourself some much-deserved rest and relaxation with these six ideas!

  1. Plan something fun. Instead of feeling down about getting back to your normal routine, put something on the calendar to get your buddies back together. Plan a day trip or host your friends for the Super Bowl or a Valentine’s party so you have something to look forward to.
  2. Clean out those holiday decorations. Remember the happy holiday memories by printing out pictures of friends and family – but keep moving forward. Get your space tidied up again – a winter cleaning can be just the right pick me up.
  3. Hit the gym. Your workout routine might have taken a hit during the holidays, but there’s no day like today to get back on track. Get your blood flowing again, boost those endorphins and watch your mood lift in no time. Even a 20-minute workout in your room could do the trick.
  4. Get out and volunteer. There’s no better way to brighten your week than by putting a smile on someone else’s face! Check out volunteer opportunities on your base or in your neighboring community to spread cheer year-round.
  5. Cross off some New Year’s resolutions early. Get excited about starting your year with a clean slate. Pull out that resolutions list and draft your plan of attack with some short-term milestones you can hit in January!
  6. Get help if you need it. It’s important to be aware of how you feel and take steps to get better. If you feel down or that you need alcohol to feel better, check out these resources so you can start moving in a positive direction.

The New Year is a post-holiday gift – the gift of a fresh start. Set yourself up for your best year yet!