Hit the Town the Right Way

If you want a night out, go – you deserve it! You can still drink responsibly and not miss all the fun. Try one or more of these quick tips next time you’re out to keep your night right where you want it.

  • First things first, when you get to the party, find the snacks and water. Having food and water in your system slows the absorption of alcohol. Why not take advantage of those free pretzels or non-alcoholic drinks at the party? Alternate eating/drinking water and having alcoholic drinks – you might avoid that crushing hangover!
  • Limit your alcohol. Hanging with a smaller group of friends at the pregame can be fun, but who says you have to go hard? If you know you’re going to be drinking at the party, nurse a beer during the pregame instead of showing up to the party already at your limit. OR if the pregame gets the best of you, only have one drink once you’re at the party. Bonus – you’ll leave with some extra cash in your wallet!
  • Don’t let those drinking games own you – you own the drinking games. Being a little tipsy can help loosen you up to hit those cups. But being too drunk can bring your game down. Swap out some of that beer for water (tastes like water anyway) or pour half a cup instead of a full one.
  • Check yourself throughout the night. Ya know that feeling when you leave the party, the fresh air hits your face for the first time and you’re like “damn I’m drunk?” Avoid the shock by stepping outside the party with a friend to talk for a few minutes and check in on yourself. If you’re feeling more drunk than you realized, that’s a good sign to stick to water for the rest of the night.
  • Plan how you will get home. You have a cell phone, use it. Even if you drove to the party, you can always call a rideshare (or an actual taxi if you’re feeling retro) or use a designated driver. You know the drill, don’t get behind the wheel.

If you want to drink responsibly, that doesn’t mean sitting at home with FOMO. Go have fun! But arm yourself with these little tricks so that you can stick to your limits!