5 Negative Effects of Heavy Drinking

Drinking moderately is safe, smart and yes – still fun! But some people push their limits by drinking too much, which could have serious consequences.

Heavy drinking in the U.S. is defined as:
  • For women, having 8 or more standard drinks per week
  • For men, 15 or more standard drinks per week
How does heavy drinking affect us?
  1. Alcohol is pricey! If you choose to drink this much, you’ll also watch your bank account decrease right before your eyes.
  2. Your decisions might not be as on point. Any amount of alcohol can alter your mindset, but this much alcohol increases your chances of doing something risky or saying something you might regret later.
  3. The risk for injury and drunk driving accidents goes up. You’ve heard it before, yet people still seem to do dangerous things while drunk. Protect yourself and others by owning your limit.
  4. You may develop chronic conditions such as liver disease. No amount of alcohol is safe. If you choose to drink, drinking in moderation can decrease your risk of developing alcohol-related chronic health conditions that are really not fun.
  5. Your and your child’s health is at risk. If you drink while pregnant, your baby may experience birth defects. Do it for yourself and your loved ones – don’t drink when you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

No amount of blacked out memories or ridiculous photos are worth risking your life, your career or hurting those around you. Let’s have a damn good time while still drinking responsibly.