Guys: Four Ways Alcohol Impacts Your Health

Attention fellas, did you know that a night of drinking can give you more than a hangover? Here are four ways to improve your health by cutting back on alcohol:

  1. Get strong and stay strong. Trying to bulk up? The empty calories in alcohol and drunk snacks may not be the only thing holding you back. Alcohol also dehydrates you, lowers your testosterone levels and makes it harder to build muscle. Plus, on top of being dehydrated the day after drinking—and maybe hungover—you might feel tired because alcohol can make it hard for you to get good sleep.
  2. Keep your sex life sexy. Too many drinks can cause performance issues in the bedroom like erectile dysfunction and less sexual desire. But those Jägerbombs could also turn your fun night out into a regrettable hook-up and some uncomfortable visits to your military treatment facility *cringe*. Drinking a lot may make you more likely to have risky and unprotected sex that can lead to an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Keep your cool. When you drink a lot of alcohol, even once, it can change your mood and behavior. One wrong move could leave you injured or behind bars. Alcohol increases aggression, meaning you might get into a bar fight that sober you would have avoided. Drinking to forget your problems or to cope with a rough week isn’t a good idea either. Alcohol can increase depression and risk of suicide. If you or someone you know have thoughts of suicide, call the Military Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and Press 1 instead of turning to alcohol.
  4. Avoid injury and even death. Ever wake up on a Sunday and wonder how you made it out of the weekend alive? Men are more likely to take risks when drinking and have higher rates of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalizations. Stay safe if you drink by avoiding these risks:
    • Alcohol Poisoning: Learn the signs of alcohol poisoning before you drink so you steer very clear of reaching this dangerous level. A trip to the hospital—for yourself or a friend—ruins any party.
    • Serious Injury: You may be a strong swimmer or a great shot when sober, but alcohol can seriously affect your skills. Save risky activities until everyone is sober to avoid drownings, firearm injuries, falls, fatal burns and more.
    • Drunk Driving: Don’t end your night with flashing lights and handcuffs—plan ahead and find a safe way home.

Know your limits and own them by planning ahead so that you always make the smart choice. Visit the Get Help section of this website for tips on how to cut back and drink responsibly.