Alcohol and Your Life
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Physical Health

Alcohol can impact your physical and emotional health and wellness. Whether it is interfering with good sleep, affecting your weight or your mood – learn more about the ways alcohol can get in the way and what to do about it.

Who says you can’t wind down or celebrate success with a drink or two? Have fun, but just make sure you know how alcoholic drinks may affect you.

The mission might make it hard for you to get enough good sleep. Don’t let alcohol make it even harder.

Did you know that a night of drinking can give you more than a hangover? Here are a few ways to improve your health by cutting back on booze.

Don’t let alcohol fool you – find out how your body will thank you for cutting back on drinks.

Find out how mixing alcohol and tobacco is affecting you.

Alcohol can feel like a good way to take the edge off, but there are more effective (and cheaper!) ways to relax after a long day.